Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Led By His Word

“Led By His Word”
By Zach Wood
1 Corinthians 2:1-2

So often we get caught up in the trap of thinking we need more wisdom to share with others.  We come to feel often that we need more training to share God’s love with other people in the right ways.  Yes, we do need wisdom and education in many ways, but when we are sharing God with others through our loving and kind words, God works through that and uses us in ways we would never expect.  As long as we are keeping our passion alive in knowing God and sharing Him with others, the Holy Spirit will work through us to impact people’s lives. 

Many times, it’s not even our words that impact, as much as our actions do.  When we walk that talk, then people really see Christ through us.  Words are good, but as I’ve learned so much through ministry, it’s often the times that I’m not speaking that really shows the most love.  God wants to use us in ways that words will never satisfy.

As much appreciation that I have for my college education, I have learned so much more just by going through and experiencing life as it happens and learning as I continue to grow in walk with Christ.  That education is more than I think I would have ever learned through a textbook of any kind.  My greatest education continues and should always continue to be from reading God’s Word and following what He tells me to do.

When we are around other people, the greatest thing we can do is share God’s love with them, whether by our actions or through conversations of encouragement.    

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