Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Love For Forever

“A Love For Forever”
By Zach Wood
Psalm 136:1

Many of you may be familiar with the song by Chris Tomlin called “Forever”.  The words talk about this psalm and how no matter what is going on in life, that God is good and is working through all things in life.  His love endures forever, no matter what situations we may find ourselves dealing with. 

I am daily reminded of God’s faithfulness and how very much He loves me.  I hope that you all as well are reminded daily of His great love.  As we come closer to Thanksgiving season, I am also reminded that I not only need to thank Him for what He has given me this time of year, but to be thankful every single day of my life. 

It brings me so much peace to know that God’s love will endure forever.  He cares about me and wants the best for my life.  When the world tosses me around and leaves me hurting, God is always there to promise His unending love.  I hope and pray that you feel the same in your relationship with Him as well.

Give thanks to Him, for He is so good.  And…His love definitely endures forever!

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