Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Obey Or Disboey

“Obey Or Disobey”
By Zach Wood
Jonah 1:1-3

As I have been reading this book recently, Jonah’s story has intrigued me once again.  I’m especially amazed how this book begins.  God directs Jonah to do something and Jonah does not hesitate to just run the opposite way God commands.

Instead of obeying, Jonah just takes off and goes his own route.  He does a complete 180 and turns away from where God wants him to go.  We all know this wasn’t a good idea for Jonah.  We look and think, “What were you thinking, man?  Why are you running from where God is sending you?  That’s crazy!  Don’t do that!” 

As I would be one to think that way as well, I can’t help but to think how many of us have done the same exact thing Jonah did?  There are only two choices when God gives us a command and tells us to do something.  We either go or we run away.  There is no in-between.  Either we obey or we disobey.  If we choose to wait and think about it, we have chosen to disobey.  Granted, there are times when God gives us something to think about and consider, yes.  However, there are also times when God gives us a command and He wants us to go without hesitation. 

Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh.  He refused to go……at first.  I have found myself acting like Jonah so often in my life.  God tells me to do something and I seem to argue, rationalize and find any possible way to explain that it’s not something I really should do.  Sometimes I’m actually able to convince myself it’s not something I should do.  At least for a short time I’m able to do that.  Until the conviction sets in.

When calls you to action to do something, will you obey or will you disobey?  It’s totally up to you, but we soon find out that when we disobey, we really come to regret it later. 

When God instructs, will you obey or disobey?

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