Friday, March 1, 2013

Sold-Out Love: From Fan To Follower

“Sold-Out Love: From Fan To Follower”
By Zach Wood
Dueteronomy 6:5

For the past six weeks, I went through a sermon series with my church from “Not A Fan” by Kyle Idleman.  Let me tell you first, these were some of the most challenging and convicting sermons I’ve ever given.  When I consider my heart and my devotion to God and whether or not I’m totally devoted and committed, I think of my love for God. 

Most of us would say that we are completely and totally sold out for God and love Him with our whole being.  However, if we looked closely and really examined our lives, we would probably see otherwise if we’re really honest.  I know that by looking in my life, I saw that I have failed a lot and need some much improvement and need to be more devoted and committed.

As you read this passage, consider if you really love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  As yourself if you really believe this and ask God to search your heart, as David asked God to do, and see whether or not you are truly committed to living a life that is putting God first and foremost.

For many of us, we say we are completely devoted to God and whatever He calls us to, but when we examine where are hearts are, we probably will see otherwise.  This is a constant, daily struggle for me.  I just put God first and commit to loving Him completely without any reservation.  If I am not totally devoted to Him, then I am choosing to follow some of my own ways and the ways of this world. 

I ask you today as I’ve been asking myself, “Are you totally sold-out for Him?”

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