Saturday, March 16, 2013

Renewed Each Morning

“Renewed Each Morning”
By Zach Wood
Psalm 51:10

I am sure there are many people who choose to start their day off with quiet time with God.  I hope this would be the case for most of us, but not saying morning time has to be everyone’s decision.  For me, personally, I cannot imagine starting my day without having quiet time first. 

There is just something special and unique about starting the day off with communicating with God and asking for His guidance and strength through my day.  It helps me so much to connect.  I read this passage this morning during my quiet time with God and it really spoke to me.  I have read it many times before and every time I do, I am reminded of the song “Create In Me A Pure Heart”. 

I find it so encouraging and so vital, at least for me, to start my day asking God to create in me a pure heart and to help block out the pressures that may arise throughout my day.  I ask Him to help me focus on His plan and direction for my day.  I want to be focused and have His Spirit renewed through me to teach me and guide me.

This is a powerful prayer coming from David.  He is earnestly seeking God and asking God to create a pure heart within him.  In this world today, I honestly cannot think of a better prayer to start out the day.  With all the temptations we face, how can we not start our day asking God to create in us and help us keep a clean heart?  I believe it is of utmost importance to start the day asking God to give us a clear mind and heart. 

David messed up big time, but he was repentant and asked God to give him a pure heart and to renew a steadfast spirit in him.  What a heart-felt prayer!  Shouldn’t we follow and echo that same prayer in our lives to start the day?  We have all messed up and we turn away from God and do our own thing.  How can we not start our day asking Him to fill us, guide us, and create in us a pure heart?

I hope and pray that each of us seeks and desires to be renewed each morning.

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