Thursday, March 28, 2013

Press On: Go For The Prize!

"Press On: Go For The Prize!"
By Zach Wood
Matthew 7:13-14

(As you begin, I encourage you to go to You Tube and watch the Balance Beam illustration from Francis Chan and then continue.)

We all want to achieve things, but we won’t get very far if we choose to straddle the balance beam of life.  We get scared to press on and choose sometimes to live the safest life possible.  We often choose not to take the path less traveled.  We choose many times to follow the ways of this world because it’s easier and safer than going against the flow. 

Jesus shares some very important words from the Sermon on the Mount in this passage about pressing on and going against the flow as we set our eyes on the prize.

So many people will live life and enter through the wide gate because it’s easy and it’s what so many other people are doing.  But we must remember that Jesus has called us to live a life that is unlike the rest of the world.  If we are to achieve a prize that is heavenly and not of this world, we must go against the flow and go for the only prize that will last. 

I think of the words Francis Chan shared through this balance beam illustration.  He said that this safe life is the way so many Christians are headed for.  That is scary.  We cannot expect to life a safe life, keep our faith to ourselves and not do anything crazy for God and then expect God to say to us one day, “Well done” and do our dismount off the balance beam of life.  We simply cannot expect Him to be congratulating us for that kind of life.

All my life I have been intrigued and amazed when I watch the gymnastics segment of the summer Olympics.  Watching these Olympians perform is absolutely mind boggling.  To see their strength and dedication is inspiring.  But remember they didn’t start out being that good.  They had to practice and focus on putting a lot of invested time into doing that to be where they are now. 

When we walk the balance beam of life, we are going to have struggles, frustrations and times when we just want to give up and life a safe life because we’re afraid to go on.  However, just as the Olympians do, we need to keep going and keep striving for the goal.  Keep going and remember that Christ is cheering us on and telling us that we can do it!  When we fall, with His help and guidance, we can get back up and keep pressing on!

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