Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let Me Tell You!

“Let Me Tell You!”
By Zach Wood
Romans 1:16 NLT
For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile.

We all enjoy telling others when great things happen to us, don’t we?  We not only get excited about telling people about something cool that we’ve done or that happened to us, but also we get excited about things we have seen and places we have been to. 

Most of us could go on for hours and hours telling others about different things we like and dislike.  We often find ourselves getting excited and telling other people about so many things that are fascinating to us in this world. 

We get excited about sports.  We get excited about going on vacation.  We get excited about the newest movie that has come out.  We get excited about so many things and we cannot wait to get out to work, church or school and tell our friends and family about what we’ve experienced, seen or heard.

Friends, I cannot help but think that it saddens God’s heart that we get excited about so much in our lives, but then when it comes to the opportunities where we can share about our faith and we clam up.  When we get so excited to tell others things we often say, “Let me tell you!” and then we go into a long explanation.  However, when we have the opportunities to share Christ, how long do those conversations last?  Do we take the time to tell or do we clam up and lose our excitement to continue the conversation?

Are we really excited to talk about our faith in Christ?  Is it really exciting to us?  Are we itching to tell others of the wonderful salvation we have experienced in God?  The Apostle Paul was definitely not ashamed of the Good News.  He says that it is the power of God at work!  Is the Good News the power of God at work through us with others?  Are we excited to tell others, more than anything, about how awesome God is?

I must admit that I get into many conversations with others, most often in my workplace, and I find myself seldom bringing God into the discussions.  I’m not purposely looking for ways to beat people over the head with the Bible, but I also so often am not intentionally looking for ways to open up and share my faith.  I want to be different for sure and show Christ’s love, but sometimes that needs to come through my conversations.  I need to be more bold and open to sharing.  Not only sharing, but being excited about what I’m sharing. 

Let us be more like Paul, who wasn’t ashamed of the Good News and said often to people “Let Me Tell You!”

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