Tuesday, February 27, 2024

It's Time

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“It’s Time”

Matthew 26:39

Going a little further, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me.  Yet not as I will, but as You will.”



All of us have had numerous moments of hearing the phrase, “It’s Time”.  We can take days, months and even years to prepare for a future moment, but when it finally comes, the words “It’s Here” can still rattle us in many ways.


We study for days and months so we can be prepared for a big test in school.  When the teacher says, “It’s Time”, we still often feel the gitters and are very nervous, no matter how much we have prepared.


A couple who spends days, months or even years planning a wedding definitely can feel the stress and excitement when the person officiating the wedding says, “It’s Time”. 


 A first time homebuyer spends hours, days and even months planning for the move in.  When the closing day comes and the agent says, “It’s Time”, we are both excited and nervous at the new adventure.


A teenager spends days and months learning to drive with a permit.  Finally, the driver’s license test and driver’s test comes and the teenager feels nervous when the instructor says, “It’s Time”. 


If we find out we need surgery, we take the time of many days or months to prepare for that.  When the doctor/surgeon comes in and says, “It’s Time”, we can be nervous about the procedure.


An Olympic athlete trains for years, makes many mistakes and then learns and prepares for the big event.  He or she still feels the nerves when they hear, “It’s Time”.


So many situations we face in life where we hear the words, “It’s Time” and we hope we have prepared enough for what is about to happen.  We hope and pray that we have taken the appropriate measures to prepare.  We do our best to do what we can to prepare ourselves. 


No matter how much we prepare, the words “It’s Time” can startle us, make us sweat, make our hands shake or get clammy.  We feel a mix of emotions when we hear those words and we just have to pray that God will guide us and give us the peace and strength needed to move through the experience.


I cannot help but think of what Jesus went through as He knew it was time for Him to give His life.  He experienced more than any human being will ever go through.  He even pleaded with God in the Garden to take the cup if it was possible, but He wanted God’s will to be done. 


When we come to the moments where we hear, “It’s Time”, know that God is with you and He will bring you through.  Trust Him.  God’s got this. 

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