Monday, December 11, 2023

Simple, Yet Powerful Reminders

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“Simple, Yet Powerful Reminders”

Matthew 28:20b NLT

And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.


One day last week, I remember having a tiring and frustrating day at work.  As I’ve started a new job at a different company, some days have been rather challenging.  This particular day, I was tired and overwhelmed.  The next morning, as I went out to leave for work, I saw a beautiful sunrise.  I don’t always catch good sunrises, but this one took me by surprise and I remember looking up and saying “Thank You, Lord!  I needed that today!” 


I wish I could say that the moment took all my stress away that I was feeling that morning and all overwhelming feelings.  However, it was a great and simple reminder that God knew I needed as if to say, “Don’t forget how amazing I am and how little your issues are compared to Who I am.” 


It’s so often easy for us to become overwhelmed with all that is going on in our lives and forget that God is ALWAYS more greater and powerful than anything we experience.  God has ways every single day that show up to remind us He is there and guiding us.  We definitely all need these reminders all through our day as we sometimes experience stress and unexpected frustrations. 


There’s nothing earth shattering regarding this devotional, but a reminder that God is always doing something every day, through our days, to remind us that He is there and always with us.  Are we seeing these reminders each day that He gives us?  Sometimes we get so overwhelmed and God knows we need a sunrise, sunset or some other form of His majestic beauty to remind us of how Awesome He Is! 


I am so thankful for these simple, yet powerful reminders.  Again, they won’t take away all our problems or frustrations, but He gives us these moments to remind us that He is with us and that He is so much bigger and greater than anything that overwhelms us in our daily lives.


This passage is found right at the end of the Great Commission, where Jesus promises the Disciples that He will always be there with them.  That’s a promise He made to them and it’s a continued promise to us today.  He is always with us and shows Himself to us in so many ways, big and small, each and every day. 


I hope that we all notice these reminders each day!

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