Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Never Meant To Be Alone

“Never Meant To Be Alone”

Genesis 2:18 NLT

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

This past month at church, the sermons have been about building community together.  What I found to be fascinating and had never really considered is how our pastor connected this passage to community.  Adam was alone, but God made a helper suitable and just right for him.  God didn’t want Adam to be alone, so He made Eve.  It wasn’t good for Adam to just be solo.  He was meant for community.  When our pastor shared this, it really made sense. 

I get that some people are not people-oriented and they would rather fly solo in anything they do.  For whatever reason, some people just don’t vibe very well with others and prefer to be alone all they can be.  However, this is not healthy and God has created us to be in community with each other.  It is so important for us all to be around others and build relationships so that we can encourage and build one another up.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to get into our own world and forget that other people need us.  Others need our encouragement and our presence.  Sometimes, you don’t even need to say anything to be in community with others.  Sometimes, your very presence speaks volumes just because you took the time out of your day and showed up.  That means a lot to so many people! 

I remember when I was a pastor and I went on some visits to various places.  Some situations were easier than others.  I remember some times when I didn’t have the words to share or know what to say.  However, God often reminded me that I just needed to be present.  Sometimes, I would actually hear someone say, “Thank you for coming.  Just you being here meant the world to us!”  I was like, “I didn’t do or say anything”.  But it wasn’t anything I did or said.  It was just the fact that I made a presence. 

Friends, we were all made for community.  We need to be there for one another and lift each other up as God leads us to do.  It is so important that we strive to build community with other people, even those we don’t necessarily jive with.  Just be there for others and show them you care.  God wants us to be in community with each other and share His love in whatever ways we possibly can. 

We were never meant to be alone.  Since the very beginning, God made it a point to create community.  I just pray that this devotional reminds you and encourages you that being in community with other people is vital to us living a healthy life.  We need others and God created us to be with others.  People need us and we need people.  Be thankful for the people God has brought into your life as you experience community. 

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