Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Pleasing Aroma

“A Pleasing Aroma”
By Zach Wood
Psalm 19:14 NLT
May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

We have all walked into restaurants, bakeries and houses where something was cooking and completely overwhelmed our senses.  Just imagine the last time you walked into someone’s home and they just baked cookies.  Or, one of my personal favorites, walk by or into a restaurant where steaks are cooking.  (I’m salivating as I write this!)  How about walking into a store were fragrances are sold or candles and the aroma just brings a smile to your face. 

We all like walking into places and smelling these aromas.  There is nothing quite like it.  Each of us has a specific aroma that we enjoy smelling and we know where to go to get that experience.  The smell can really “take you away” and leave you stunned at times.  We all like great aromas.  Who wouldn’t? 

Aromas attract us.  They bring us closer and closer to whatever is giving off the great scent or whatever is cooking that smells irresistible.  Now, consider the words we say each day and whether or not those words become an aroma for others to be attracted to?  Most importantly, are the words an aroma that would be pleasing to God?  Just like people can’t resist a great scented candle burning, a steakhouse nearby or fresh cookies from the oven, the words we use each day should be used to help people come to not resist knowing God. 

The way we live, the words we use, the thoughts of our heart should all be a pleasing aroma to God and to those around us.  He is the One we live for and the One Whom our hearts should long for.  We should be living to please Him and Him alone.  The way we live and the words we use should be an irresistible aroma for others to help bring them into an understanding of God and our relationship with Him. In doing that, help people come to understand better there is a very loving and compassionate God Who loves them. 

As we continue into this New Year, I want to challenge all of us to consider whether our lives each day, with the words we use and our actions, give off a pleasing aroma not only to others, but most importantly to God.  How am I living my life each day to please Him?  How am I living my life each day to attract others to Him?  I have to admit that most days I feel like I’m giving off a stench instead of an aroma.  My life often becomes a stench because I’m in my own world and doing my own thing, when I should be focused on living solely for Him and being an example of Him to others. 

Are you living as a pleasing aroma?

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