Sunday, October 22, 2017

Daily Recharge/Refuel

“Daily Recharge/Refuel”
By Zach Wood
Luke 6:12 NIV
One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.

Here is one passage among so many we find in the New Testament where Jesus goes away to plug in to recharge his batteries, so to speak.  He always makes it a point to recharge with His Father, daily.

The past few weeks, I have been thinking about how we spend so much time and attention recharging our electronic devices so that we stay recharged and informed.  We live in a world now where using mobile devices is constant for many of us.  Whether it’s our smartphones, tablets, smart watches or apple watches, we want to make sure they are fully charged for us to stay connected. 

I have always been a geek for these devices and enjoy using them, probably too much sometimes.  If my smartphone gets low on battery, I want to make sure I’m close to a way to recharge it, whether the wall charger or car charger.  If it’s the tablet, I want to make sure I get it charged to use it on full strength. 

How about our vehicles?  We have to keep fuel in them to keep them going, don’t we?  Do you think we would go very far if we just let our tanks run on empty for days?  It wouldn’t happen!  We would run out of gas!  We would have to refuel in order to keep the vehicle going.  Same thing with our devices.  If the battery dies, we have to charge it to keep using it.  None of us would even think of letting our batteries or fuel tanks go uncharged or go empty.  That would be absurd!

I cannot help but think of how we so often focus so much attention on making sure we keep our vehicles fueled and our devices charged, but then we go so long without filling up our spiritual charge with God.  Jesus went away so much to recharge and refuel with His Father because He knew He needed to reconnect.  How sad so often we don’t even think twice about a day or a week or even a month or more and barely crack open our Bible or even pray much.  We are all so guilty of this. 

Friends, we MUST recharge and refuel daily with God in order to keep our lives going.  How in the world do we expect our walk of faith to grow if we don’t stay recharged and refueled?  It won’t happen!  I’m so guilty of not taking the time I need to fully recharge and refuel with my Father.  I could always take time to pray more and seek Him more.  I need Him more and so do all of you. 

We all need a daily recharge and refuel time with God.  We simply cannot expect to let our spiritual tanks run dry and grow in our faith.  We must connect with Him more.  

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