Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nothing Better or Greater

“Nothing Better or Greater”
By Zach Wood
2 Corinthians 5:21 NIV
God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

We tend to be amazed and excited at many things in life.  There are some things, that when we see them, we just sit there or stand there in complete silence, perhaps with our mouths wide open and just stare.  We are completely amazed at some of the things we see in life. 

Some things totally astound us and we cannot wrap our minds around the concept.  Some things we witness make us want to pinch ourselves and say, “Did that really just happen?”  We find ourselves pretty awestruck and amazed at so many things that happen to us and around us.  Sometimes we find ourselves at such a loss for words and can only think, “Wow, how can that really be possible?”

We have to admit we are moved by so many different things that happen around us and to us.  We become filled with such emotion and are speechless at so much that happens in our lives.  We so often find ourselves not having any words to really describe how we feel at those moments. 

As amazed and overcome with emotion as we get about things in our lives, it troubles me and breaks my heart how we so often become less and less amazed and far less overwhelmed by what God has done for us.  Many of us have attended church for so many years or our lives, yet we have very little amazement when we hear over and over again the wonderful messages about the Savior’s life of love. 

Why do we get so much more amazed and awestruck about things in the world and less and less overwhelmed by what God has done for us?  Why does it become so commonplace when we talk about what He has done for us?  The truth is there is absolutely nothing greater or better than what Jesus Christ did for us on the Cross.  Nothing in the world could ever compare to that greatness.  However, what do we really feel in our hearts?  Are we absolutely still amazed and overcome with emotion over what He did?

God made Him Who had no sin to be sin for us!  Wow!  That’s a really, really big deal!  Is He greater and better than everything and anyone else in our lives?  He should be, but is He?

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