Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Main Pursuit

“Our Main Pursuit”
By Zach Wood
Proverbs 21:21
He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.”

We tend to pursue a lot of things in life, don’t we?  We pursue a job that we long to have and perhaps further our education in order to be considered for the job.  We long for a house that will be perfect for our family and we look and then pursue a plan in order to get the house.  Our hearts long for someone to share life with and we start the dating process to pursue a relationship that will hopefully both bring a companion into our lives and bring glory to God. 

The list could go on and on, depending on what all we choose to pursue in life.  We choose to pursue many things throughout our years.  Some of those things we end up finding out aren’t a great choice after we pursue them.  It’s a learning process.  Sometimes we have a wonderful adventure while other times we experience much pain from the pursuit.  This is the journey of life. 

It’s no surprise to any of us that our ultimate pursuit should be in following a life that is dedicated and committed to Jesus Christ.  He is our ultimate pursuit.  We should desire, above all other desires, to pursue a life of righteousness and love.  When we pursue that kind of life, nothing can prepare us for the wonderful blessings and adventures God has in store! 

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of pursuing earthly desires more than pursuing a committed life to Christ.  It’s not that we don’t love Him or want to follow, but the things of this world seem better and more promising and we lose our main focus.  After a matter of time, we come to find out that Jesus Christ truly needs to be our ultimate pursuit of life.  There is no greater life to pursue than the life we have in Christ.  No life is more promising.  He promises a crown that cannot be obtained by following the desires of this world.

May our ultimate pursuit in life be to attain a life more like Jesus Christ each and every day. There is no greater pursuit!  

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