Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Breathtaking Beauty

“Breathtaking Beauty”
By Zach Wood
Psalm 19:1

Out of all the wonderful things I’ve seen through my years of life, nothing takes my breath away like when I see a beautiful sunrise or a sunset.  I could be just taking a walk by myself, with my family or be in the car going somewhere.  No matter when I see a beautiful view like that, I want to stop and just take that all in!  I’m sure many of you feel the same about seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset. 

In a movie I saw many years ago, two guys were sitting on a hill chatting.  They looked up at the beautiful sunset and one guy said, “Just look at that!  Yep, that’s the big guy!  Quite a paint brush He’s got!” 

That scene has been forever sketched into my mind and it was a great scene!  We could look at the beautiful view of a sunrise or sunset and know that God does, indeed, have quite a paintbrush, so to speak.  I like the view of mountains and hills, but nothing seems to compare to see a beautiful view in the sky of a sunset or sunrise.  It’s a beautiful view only made by the work of God’s hands. 

Years ago, I heard another quote about a sunset and it went like this, “God, I never thought purple and blue went together until I saw You put them into a sunset.”  What a response from a beautiful view only made by our Creator!

The heavens and skies do most certainly proclaim the work of His hands.  He is the awesome, Almighty Creator!  Let us always remember His beautiful Creation.

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