Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Are We Completely Committed?

“Are We Completely Committed?”
By Zach Wood
John 6:66

Jesus talked to the crowd about He Himself being the Bread of Life after He just served a huge feast to them.  So many were just coming for the food and for the “show”, but Jesus wanted more commitment.  Jesus shares with them that He expects more with the commitment in following Him and being a truly committed follower.  He’s asking for more than them coming again and again to get their “fill”. 

Then He watches so many just walk away.  Wow!  That had to have been heartbreaking for Him!  I cannot imagine the agony He felt when he literally watched so many people turn away and essentially say, “This is just too much to ask.  Sorry, Jesus, but this is just not for me right now.”  Following Jesus is the greatest life anyone could imagine to live, but it is also the most challenging and committed life you could ever live.  It’s very rewarding, but requires much effort for us to stay committed.

I look into my own life and I see so often how I am not fully committed and I just want the blessings without putting forth the effort to really follow Him. 

I want to encourage all of us to stay committed in our lives to Jesus Christ.  When things get tough, keep the faith and stay strong.  He asks us to follow Him and be 100% for Him as we follow.   

Will we be 100% committed?  It’s a daily journey.

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