Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trust In His Sufficiency

"Trust In His Sufficiency"
By Zach Wood
James 1:2-8

This is a wonderful time of the year for celebrating with family, friends and loved ones.  There’s just something about this time of year that lifts many people’s spirits and puts them in a joyful mood. 

Christmastime is a memorable time of year.  However, I cannot help but think of people who also really struggle during this time of year.  I’m not at all trying to put a damper on all the wonderful celebrations that go on this time of year, but I just want to point out today that this time of year is very difficult for people. 

Many people this time of year struggle for various reasons.  Some struggle from losing a loved one around this time of year and miss them terribly.  Others may have negative family memories that have happened in the past. 

Perhaps some trials and tribulations have affected you recently and it’s taking everything in you to keep up your Christmas spirit this year.  You know you need to hold onto God and His promises, but you are still struggling.  Perhaps you may not be dealing with this personally, but someone else in your family could be or someone that you know well is dealing with this.

One thing we all need to realize is that we come to a point in our lives where there are some serious trials and it takes all that we are and every ounce of strength just to get up in the morning to live another day of life.  The reality of life is sometimes very hard to swallow.  This world is a harsh place, but we serve an Almighty God who truly understands the pain we go through. 
The testing of your faith produces perseverance.  We mature when we grow through the trials and our faith is strengthened. We all experience these trials in life.  There’s no escaping them or even when they happen.  When I think of trials in life, I cannot help but think of the Apostle Paul when he talks about the thorn in his side in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

Sometimes God says no to taking away the pain and promises to be our sufficiency.  He wants us to completely trust in Him, even though we have no clue what He’s doing, because He wants to use the pain we’re going through to produce something new and strong within us.

If you are struggling this time of year, take comfort in knowing that you have a wonderful and loving Heavenly Father who loves you and is holding you tight.  Trust in His sufficiency even if you don't feel that He is near. He is and He will guide you and lead you. 

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