Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who Are Your "Go To" People?

"Who Are Your 'Go To' People?"
By Zach Wood
Psalm 1:1-3, Proverbs 15:22

The first verse in Psalm 1 hits the nail on the head.  Where do we go we need advice?  Every one of us has times when we must seek out counsel from others as to what is good to do and what God would have us do.  Hopefully, we do not just go to anyone to seek advice.  This can be the very beginning of a painful and sorrowful road. 

We are blessed if we choose to seek out the right people whom we seek out counsel.  You wouldn’t walk down the road with a huge problem on your mind and just stop any person walking toward you and ask them advice.  You would think that’s probably absurd.  However, many of us choose people that will not give us good advice and counsel. 

My experience has been that I have just a handful of people that I know I can rely on and go to for Godly advice and direction.  These people I know will pray for me and give me some very helpful direction. 

If we make our choices to gain advice and counsel from unwise and ungodly people, we will have a treacherous path ahead of us.
Sometimes, we do not even go to people for advice face to face, we’ll go online to read advice from others or we’ll watch TV of a popular talk show to glean wisdom.  We have to be very careful here.  We absolutely cannot look for the easy way out of our situations and problems.  We need trusted sources of advice and wisdom. 

It is my encouragement to you, that when you need solid advice and wise direction, to find Godly sources that you feel and believe will help you in your relationship with the Creator.

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