Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Need To Be Consistent With Our Encouragement

"We Need To Be Consistent With Our Encouragement"
By Zach Wood
Ephesians 4:29, 5:1-2

Consistency is a trait we lack in this world.  As Christians, we need to be consistent in our commitment to the Lord and to others.  I find that it’s quite easy to start a good habit with intentions of keeping the habit.  However, habits often die off quickly.

We all struggle with consistency because it requires so much commitment.  People who practice consistency well are very good at keeping commitments they have made.  No one enjoys being around someone who is not consistent with their commitments.  Keeping our commitments make us dedicated people. 

Our commitment of time in helping others is a great source of encouragement.  It’s a great witnessing tool as well.  When others see us being consistent with our time commitments, it invites more trust from them.

The greatest source of encouragement is our words toward others.  This is an area some of us struggle with more than others.  Some people have a hard time keeping their tongue under control and unwholesome words can go out in an instant.  Not just foul language, but also negative talk about others. 
When we show we care and keep our commitments, we are being imitators of God and witnesses for the Kingdom.  God loves us and keeps His commitments and promises to us, so we should do likewise and be imitators of what He does.

When we are encouraging with our words instead of gossiping or using foul language, we glorify God and strengthen our witnessing opportunities.

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