Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Gotta Enter The Other Zone...The Risk Zone!

"We Gotta Enter The Other Zone...The Risk Zone!"
By Zach Wood
Matthew 14:22-33

It’s hard enough thinking about leaving our comfort zone, let alone going that distance and taking a huge step into the risk of the unknown.  Leaving your comfort zone and entering the risk zone go hand in hand.  I don’t know how you can agree to leave your comfort zone and not enter the risk zone.  Anytime you leave the comfort of the known, you enter the unknown risk zone. 

None of us knows the future and that can scare us.  Really scare us!  When we are headed down an unknown path and have no idea what’s coming, I think that’s when God has us where He wants us….completely relying upon Him.  When we’re in our comfort zone, we know what to expect and we can usually sense when things are coming.  We have an idea of what’s next most times.  But, get us out of our comfort zone and into the risk zone, our palms get sweaty, beads of sweat trickle down our foreheads and we start to get a little panicky. 

I really don’t see how we can totally be pumped about the Great Commission and not be willing to get out of our comfort zone into the risk zone. 

The passage for this devotional is the story where Jesus walks on the water and comes to the boat where His disciples see Him walking on the water.  Jesus walks on the water, calls out to Peter to get out and into the risk zone.  Peter gets out and steps in a totally unknown world.  People don’t normally just walk on the water.  Peter took a huge risk.  Yes, he started sinking once he looked around saw the crashing waves and had taken his eyes off Jesus, but he still at least got out of the boat!

We may claim that we want to be sold out for Christ and really live in the unknown risk zone, but are we just going to state that we want to do it or will we actually do it?
We gotta enter the risk zone if we're gonna get out of the boat.

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